¡Hola !

You’ve just got your hands on a Gospel Estudios product, but it’s not ready to wear... just yet. No worries. We like to do things differently around here, and we’re ready to walk through this together. Vamos.

English speakers, this message isn’t for you, carry on!

Non-English speakers, we recommend using a translation tool for an optimal Not-Ready-to-Wear experience.

Spanish-speaking gente, igual habéis comprado algo pero no sabéis inglés. No pasa nada, traducimos:

[0] Busca un rincón tranquilo y ponte a gusto. Enciéndete unas velas, ponte musiquita, estate a tu rollo.

[1] Échale un ojo con calma a los detalles de la prenda y a cómo está construida.

[2] Descose el sello. Es fácil, pero con cuidadín, porfa.

[3] Plantéate por qué te has quedado con nuestra etiqueta en la mano si tendría que estar cosida donde siempre.

[4] En general, les damos mucha importancia a las etiquetas a la hora de definirnos social y culturalmente. Nosotros nos cuestionamos eso.

[5] Cose, grapa o pega la etiqueta donde te dé la gana. No hay reglas.

[6] Descosiendo el sello, pasas a ser parte del proceso, y la responsabilidad pasa a ser compartida. Mima la prenda, que se lo merece.

[7] Usa el QR para ver tutoriales de cómo descoser el tag y ejemplos de las cosas que puedes hacer con la etiqueta.

[8] Juega con la prenda, úsala según lo que te pida el día y adáptala a tu rollo.

[9] Dale caña, que para eso está.

[10] Gracias.

Gospel Estudios garments arrive inside out, and sealed with a tack stitch that needs to be removed before wearing.

NOT-READY-TO-WEAR is our approach to production and consumption, nuestra manera de hacer las cosas, as a reaction to the traditional Ready-to-Wear methods. We’re seeking alternative ways of doing things in a complicada industry, but our idea also takes on a literal meaning—you can’t just wear our clothes right away.

The seal is in place to make you pause and form a different relationship with the garment right from the start. If you’re here, it might be because you’re not quite sure what to do next. Let’s start with the basics.

GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 1)
GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 3)

Cosas que necesitas — Things you’ll need

GOSPEL ESTUDIOS:Un descosedor — an unpicker (Thumbnail) GOSPEL ESTUDIOS:Un descosedor — an unpicker (Thumbnail alt.)
Un descosedor — an unpicker
GOSPEL ESTUDIOS:Unas tijeras — Some scissors (Thumbnail) GOSPEL ESTUDIOS:Unas tijeras — Some scissors (Thumbnail alt.)
Unas tijeras — Some scissors
GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 2)


And now, what? — Y, ahora, ¿qué?

When you feel up to it, untack the seal. Don't worry if the thread breaks while you pull, shit happens sometimes. In that case, take your time to remove each stitch, uno by uno. Use an unpicker, some scissors or whatever you have at home that can do the job.

GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 1)
GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 2)
GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 1)
GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 2)

This is the GOSPEL ESTUDIOS label, which, by now, should be loose and in your hand.

We're not doing this because we're vagos; it's because we often place too much weight on labels, as we use them to define ourselves and differentiate ourselves from the rest. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that a label is just that: a piece of fabric smaller than the palm of our hand.

GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 1)

You can do lo que quieras, whatever you want, with your GOSPEL ESTUDIOS label: staple it,

GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 2)
GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 3)
GOSPEL ESTUDIOS: Welcome to GE (Fig. 1)

or figure out what happens if you gospelize other garments:

A ver qué se te ocurre. Show us what you can do. What matters to us is that you’re the one to make it happen. We believe there is inherent value in doing things with our hands and allowing tasks the time they deserve.

In Spain, we say ‘dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry’ as a way of reminding us that sometimes, going slower is the fastest way to get somewhere. It’s better to take your time and get it right the first time, than to rush things and make mistakes you’ll have to fix later.