Taranto Orquídea

Sofía is 172 cm and wears her size 3 (TRES) in Valdepeñas when she makes a visit to her grandparents. Horacio, at 168 cm and with cowboy boots, wears a size 3 (TRES) when he trains calisthenics with his senior friends. Santi, with glasses, is 168 cm and likes to wear his size 3 (TRES) when he goes with Danjie to La Cova del Angel, his favorite bar; and Héctor, 178 cm, uses the same size when he's chilling at home with Hanky, his cat. Check out their usual sizes for a better reference. The dimensions of the Taranto, when laid out flat, are:

ABody width3739414345
BBack length5758596061
CFront length5051525354
DNeck width1818,51919,520

Keep in mind that the Taranto is shorter than an average tank.