Taumaturgo Hulla

Quim, with black boots, is 171 cm and wears a size 3 (TRES) while he goes through pictures of ancient objects. Santi, with cycling shoes, is 168 cm and likes to hustle his Seronda packages wearing the same size. Sofía, at 172 cm, wears her size 3 (TRES) taking siestas with her sister Clara. Check out their usual sizes for a better reference. The dimensions of the Taumaturgo, when laid out flat, are:

ABody width6264666870
BBack length5960616263
CFront length53,554,555,556,557,5
DNeck width25,52626,52727,5
ESleeve length5858,55959,560
FSleeve width13,914,214,514,715

Keep in mind that the Taumaturgo is cropped, so it's shorter than an average hoodie.